The Wired Wig

The Community for Technology Driven and Creative Lawyers


Excited about or intrigued by technology in society or in Law?

The Wired Wig is a community to break down educational barriers and spark creativity in tomorrow’s lawyers.

In both the podcast and blog we:

Educate about technologies needed to work with technology companies

Develop entrepreneurship, creativity and a growth mindset

Empower the pursuing of alternate and new career paths

Initiate critical thinking about the legal impacts of new technologies

Meet the team:

Annabel Pemberton (Founder)
Annabel Pemberton (Founder)

Hello, I’m Annabel the podcast’s Host and Founder! I work in the startup world and love the dynamic nature of the space. I am currently at the core of changes in how our data is utilised online, consulting clients on legally compliant data tracking and supporting privacy driven product development. I love solving problems and consider a project a success if the team can stay creative while remaining within the bounds of the Law. Working in a startup has given me an opportunity to see how the legal profession has some way to go in modernising the industry for the modern world, both with technology and in adopting mindsets that allow growth of teams. 

I created The Wired Wig after realising first hand there was an education gap between lawyers and their technically trained colleagues in technology companies and startups. While I overcame this hurdle myself, I continuously wondered how is legal education keeping up with the speed and flexibility of technology’s pace? Not only was this issue preventing lawyers from providing true impact for clients. It was potentially swaying lawyers away from engaging in technology, a tragedy for innovation and justice. The answer? A community for students and lawyers to learn, grow and be inspired about law and technology in many forms.

Anouk Geene (Head of Content)
Anouk Geene (Head of Content)

Hey there! My name is Anouk and I write some of the blogs for The Wired Wig. I am a final year Law student at the University of Warwick and due to enter a challenging labour market with a Covid-19 shaped bruise soon. I find that both terrifying and exciting at the same time! Terrifying because so many things are currently uncertain and exciting because I have a passion for learning and many different interests, including the realm of technology. 

I haven’t always been interested in technology though. On the contrary, I used to find the topic intimidating and fell into the trap of thinking that math, coding and engineering are not for girls. However, it very much is and rightfully should be! Technology is just as much a part of women’s lives as that of men. I think it is crucial we all keep up with its developments, whether directly involved in a tech company or as a daily user. But it’s not easy! Things change quickly, information written from a non-expert perspective isn’t easy to locate and finding the time to read it all is hard. That’s why I love the no-pressure, interest-driven approach of The Wired Wig so much. I hope you do too!