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The Wired Wig is a Legal Tech podcast with a mission to make Technology Law more accessible.

The podcast is both for business leaders, who can use the podcast to inform their commercial strategy and law students, who can learn skills to work in the specialisation.

I decided to create The Wired Wig after graduating from The University of Warwick with an LLB. After graduation, I begun to work full time at a technology startup in Data Protection Law. On one hand I loved the different culture in comparison to a traditional law firm. However, I felt I lacked the technological knowledge.

I had several questions for the future:

  • How were lawyers expected to advise on these topics?
  • What impact would AI have on the role of the trainee?
  • How could law students prepare for the future?
  • How would society change with new technology?

Unfortunately, I was left surprised to find little online content providing answers or resources.

In 2020, after learning on the job, I started the Wired Wig.

In the podcast, I speak to a variety of guests. Previous guests have included Legal Tech tool founders and entry level professionals. They all have something to bring to the conversation.

We explore different topics such as:

  • the future of the profession,
  • developments in major sectors such as finance and health and
  • how the law may react to new advancements in online tracking, surveillance and social media.

In this blog you will see episode summaries and highlights from the videos shared on the Wired Wig Instagram and LinkedIn page throughout the week.

You can listen to a new episode every week on all major podcast providers.